Zahir Howaida Passed Away Today March 5 2012

// March 5th, 2012 // Artists, New Releases

Today March 5 2012 one of Afghanistan’s Music Legends Mr Zahir Howaida has passed away. Our Condolences are with his respected family.

11 Responses to “Zahir Howaida Passed Away Today March 5 2012”

  1. Suhayl Howaida says:

    I didn’t get to know you very well Uncle jaan, but I loved your music and you will be missed. My condolences to my and and cousins.

  2. Nassir says:

    A sad day in Afghan community and music industry. Mr. Howaida will
    be missed. I loved his music.

  3. Shaier Heidar says:

    My condolences to Mr. Howaida’s family, I will miss him and his music, we lost a legend …..

  4. idrisFaizy says:

    we proud for our Singers!
    but Zahir was our best classic Singer rohash Shad bad

  5. ثریا says:

    پر نقش تر از فرش دلم بافته ای نیست… از بس که گره زد به گره حوصله ها را
    zahirjan azinja safar kardi ba kola bare az ghamo arezohaye be samar…
    ammaa mihro muhibbate shuma farshe delhaye ma shuda wa na mumkin ast yado mihre shuma ham az delhaye ma safar kuna…
    eftekharo mirase farhangi ma bodi o hasti o khahi bood.
    Rohat shaaad

  6. fouzia shah says:

    no coment

  7. Essaq says:

    I grew up listening to your music, have great memories on weekends listening to you, i miss you so much, my heart aches and hurts knowing your are away from us, will join you in heavens soon.

  8. abdul mobin says:

    i love Zahir howaida it’s a big loss for us

  9. Ok Carney says:

    اجازه ندهید که نفس خود را در نزدیکی موقعیت خود را بیش از حد ، به منظور است که باید موقعیت خود را شلیک می شود ، نفس خود را با آن رفتن نیست .
    شرکت شما باید به رانندگی نیست ، شما ورشکستگی هدایت می شود .

  10. Syed says:

    Hello to all my Afghan friends and citizens.

  11. Qais Fayazi says:

    Hi to all my afghan friends,
    My condolences to Mr. Howaida’s family, and it is a big lost to all afghan’s as our unique singer has passed away, who’s voice & art will never repeat again as the legends born once only in the world.

    long life his soul….. Amen….!

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