Vida Samadzai – Miss Afghanistan

// December 30th, 2008 // Artists


Vida Samadzai Interview on Bindass Tv Station

15 Responses to “Vida Samadzai – Miss Afghanistan”

  1. jawad says:

    sallam to jan i love u soo much miss u soo much

  2. Sattar says:

    I love you dear and Afghanistan Proud you

  3. qwertypoop says:

    this woman is very ugly i dont know why she became Ms.Afghanistan

  4. Sahar says:

    Although i dont know you except your name but i feel u have done a very good job. We need some some people like you

  5. Manizha says:

    Hiii Actually this woman doesnt sees like a miss Afgh, she is very ugly and old.
    Hamasa Kohestani is the most beautiful girl and younge.

  6. Anosh Malikzada says:

    All said they Love u but i like u

    U r not looking like afghani leady so dont mind it if ur really afghani we proud of u

  7. omer says:

    i love u but u dont know

  8. kim says:

    Age is a nunmber. She is still happening and is very successful in her career right now. God has created people with different looks, status, personalities,……First of all she is not ugly, second saloute to her courage and NGO help.
    The rest of u jealous people, leave her alone.

  9. tania azizi says:

    hey jam i like you sooo much but i dont 9 you.

  10. Khaild says:

    she is ugly girl

  11. samiera says:

    i’m agree with you khalid ..=)

  12. Abdul Wahab, Sharifi says:

    We all Afghan should proud that we such an woman Afghani singer that there is no singer in all the world

  13. Abdul Wahab, Sharifi says:

    We love Naghma to get married with her

  14. Khan says:

    lol what u want to say.
    i think u geting jalouse what do u want from here.
    it`s her own typ what ever she do it`s her life lol.

  15. Kim says:

    This is the most talented woman I have ever known. She loves to sing but hasn’t made it publicly. She fights for women’s rights and children’s education. This is a bad picture of her after a ramp show along with the jet lag. I remember as my cousin walked the ramp with her.
    So haters, keep it to yourselves.
    Don’t judge so fast.

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