Valy – Dorough Nagoo

// May 30th, 2009 // Artists

valy_dorough_nagooWatch Valy’s New Music Video – Dorough Nagoo

7 Responses to “Valy – Dorough Nagoo”

  1. Lilly says:

    Valy has a great voice

  2. Alina says:

    salam vaiy i love yous songs i listen to it all the time the best song of yours like is zim zim keep it up and sing mast songs all my friends loves you bye

  3. parisa says:

    nice song valy jan ur da best
    keep da gud work up
    we all will support u
    my frends they luv ur songs alot spicially (zim zim) they r british,indian and somalians even though they cant understand but still they luv it
    which is a proud 4 all afghans n u gaved us dis proud valy jan
    luv ur songs

  4. negarin says:

    valyy i dont like ur zim zimm song buhhh i like da video clipp
    hahha ILY MWA

  5. negarin says:

    DAROUGH NAGOO da gurll is so like looch brooo
    look at her at least hav some respect to valy :(

  6. tamana says:


  7. samiera says:

    valy you have always a very nice cilps
    songs sometimes but your stil the best for me … loveyouu kiskiskis… hihi :$

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