Valy Concert ft. Kami : Setarah 2009 Tour – California

// January 18th, 2009 // Artists

Setarah Tour 2009 – Anahiem – Colifornia
Tickets: $35, $60 and VIP $100

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7 Responses to “Valy Concert ft. Kami : Setarah 2009 Tour – California”

  1. khadejah says:

    hey, i am such a big fan of u ,,wooooooooooooooh

    u rock

    i am afghan tooo


  2. Ziba says:

    Valy cannot sing. He sings one song 7 times in his concerts. Lot of show no voice.

  3. mariam says:

    ziba if yhu dont like him den dont go to tha damn concerts dumbass!

  4. mariam says:

    if yhu dont like him den dont go to the concerts! dumbass ur jelouss!

  5. fereshteh qarji says:

    hey valy! i love u soooo mutch! you are the best!!!

  6. fawad says:

    I dnt knw hw the hell he got to interview shah rukh khan, honestly honestly guys cld they not find someelse but nazir mardomi??? honestly?

    as i was watchin the video it made ma blood boil with nazir’s stupid questions and stupid comments. But cant really blame him for that cos who knwos wether he is literate or illiterate.

    Hope that doesn’t happen next time..

  7. Valy Hedjasi says:

    Sallam doostan. Ma valy hastomtashakor a payam shoma azizan I love you shoma mara energy meten ke ma bahair sareh hondane khod kar konam. Ma sareh new song kar mekonam. New song ma ba california sapt shoda. Tashakor wa ba new song mara ba T.V beebeenen lutfan. Tashakor az shoma azizan.

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