Shahrukh Khan Interview

// January 18th, 2009 // Artists

An Interview of Shah Rukh Khan with Nazir Mardomi.
At one point he claims that his father’s father were from afghanistan..
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18 Responses to “Shahrukh Khan Interview”

  1. Shahzad Hasan says:

    Shahrukh u r the king.Baadshah of the Film Industry.
    You have won so much prized nobody can get in this are mast dude.

  2. jina says:

    hallo ich hasse shurkhun wie ein schwein hahahahahha wer denn mag ist ein dumme

  3. HASINA WALI says:

    hi shah rukh , i am so happyt hat ur afghan, i am really one of your fun, i love ur smiling, hope to meet u som how, and hope to make movies in Kabul. wish u all the best in ur career. byeeeeeeeee

  4. dostana says:

    he du bist ein shwein dettshe dumme koe halt dein kleppe wilst du? schwein
    Go to Hel
    You are jalous Go for a walk you wil be cooled then Sun of a bitch

  5. lena says:

    shahrukh khan i cant belive your afghan!!!!! im sooo happy to know that your afghan… im also an afgan thats why im so happy!

  6. lena says:

    shahrukh khan i cant belive your an afghan!!! im soooo happy to know that your an afghan because im an afghan too. your the best!

  7. naeem says:

    sallam khan of the world ur the best
    we all afghan love sooooooooooooo sooooooooo zayd

  8. Shafiq says:

    What an absolute DISGRACE to thr nation of Afghanistan, Afghan media, and Journalism to have this complete idiot ask THE most incoherent questions ever. He sounded and looked like the drunk guy outside a liquor store with URINE smell asking for some “change” (when he asked/demanded a “gift” from Shah Rukh). He should RESIGN from anything to do with media and go back to what he is most comfortable “bartender”.

    he needs to :

    A) Learn to speak ENGLISH
    b) Learn manners
    c) STOP drooling and begging
    d) stop asking DUMB and irrelevant questions as he sounds completely incoherent
    e)Be FIRED to put a stop to this misery

  9. bewafa afghan afghan says:

    i can ‘t believe that you and feroz khan are afghans

  10. najma says:

    shahrukh khan i cant belive your afghan!!!!! im sooo happy to know that your afghan… im also an afgan thats why im so happy!
    i love muslim!!!!!!!! you BEST

  11. nargis says:

    salaam shahrukh khan iam an afghan too and its been 10 years since i have been in uk and i always watch your movies and i respect you and iam your biggest fan all the best for the future kuda hifiz…

  12. nargis says:

    hope u read my msg

  13. zoya says:

    salaam shahrukh khan how are u i am big fan you i all the time watch u film i love u

  14. Omid khan says:

    I love Sharukh khan SRK.and I am Sardar Omid Khan SOK

  15. Omid khan says:

    I am sure that one day I will have a film action with Sharukh khan.

  16. Ramin Nawabi says:

    Hello evry one Ilove Sahrukh khan but Ilove our actors becuse sk not from afghanistan.

  17. Ehsan Khan says:

    hellooo King Khan… we all know that u r pathan son and u r afghan…. and i am alsoo afghani and i am big fan of u

  18. Tasal says:

    Salam shah rukhan I am soo respect u but I am Ur begets fun but I am pathan…

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