Sear Azizi – Negina

// January 8th, 2009 // Artists

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7 Responses to “Sear Azizi – Negina”

  1. farzy says:

    i really like this song ,you rock sear jon thanks for making great musik for us afghans coz it makes me fell good so good uh……….

  2. tamana says:

    hey vally you soooo hot what can i do u r soo far away ..but i can hear your so sexy hot music and its kiiiling me yeah realllly

  3. tamana says:

    kabuly jon kojayee ( inja astom che konom baret bego ) i love it so much when you sing kataghany song it kills me oh boy u r soooo hot

  4. Nafisa says:

    love the song. I can’t stop listening to it. Sear jan you have an amazing voice!

  5. farzana says:

    i think ur the stupidest son of bitch ever. ur disgusting and unoriginal.u think u can coppy other people and have people’s attention but ha ha bache mordagow kate kharayee fayshet. najis i hope u burn in hell. u abviously look like shit cuz u have a disgusting heart and u deserv any thing good. u need to around faysha people to feel belonged.

  6. esmat says:

    hi shit girl
    wat do u thing ur self
    farzana is right
    u r a son of a bitch
    do u know that
    i hate u so much
    fuck on
    i wish dat
    u die
    i hate
    u bitch
    u r not a afghan
    u r just a bitch
    dont ever
    sing afghani songs
    dont ever say u r a afghan
    go back
    to the hell

  7. Ramish says:

    hi man hw r u
    u r so good
    hey where do u live now?
    t c

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