Mozhdah and Kami New music Video – Ghasam Be Cheshmat

// April 17th, 2009 // Artists

mozhdah_kami_ghasam_be_cheshmatWatch Mozhdah and Kami’s New music video – Ghasam Be Cheshmat

3 Responses to “Mozhdah and Kami New music Video – Ghasam Be Cheshmat”

  1. Music Analyst says:

    Nothing original. Compose is a copy. Video=bad. Why women with short shorts (latex underwear)? Trying to cover your vocals by getting male attention and selling sex??? The Afghan-Muslim community will not like that. So in a way your losing fans. Mozhdahjan keep working on your vocals (Canadian Idol didn’t like it). Dont get mad at my criticism (just telling truth, you should be mature enough to handle criticism). I want to help you so I can listen to your songs more enjoyingly. :)

  2. manan says:

    salam mojhda jan khob astenn man shomaara khele dost daram hahang hay shoma ra dost dara

  3. saber shah says:

    hello muzdah jan man shamarah bisyar kush daram wa shama dar afghanistan amadi wa man shama ra nadedam wa duwa me kunam ke yak bar degar dar afghanistan bebnam yar dar kawab bebnam ……..and also we are proud of u will bright the afghan women name in the world specail in the America

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