Mirwais and Bareq Naseer – Chashm Doshman

// April 11th, 2009 // Artists


Watch Chashm Doshman by Mirwais and Bareq Naseer

3 Responses to “Mirwais and Bareq Naseer – Chashm Doshman”

  1. seyr majid says:

    gave us a call please or send your phone ,or come to London contact to seyr.Thank you M&B,Love you big time

  2. hgbnm says:

    It was rubish, try to learn music and then singe other wise please donot disturbe.

  3. freshta says:

    i remember when they sang at my cousin’s wedding in sydney…they did not have this style.
    ive noticed that all afghan singers are becoming a copyright of VALY HEDJASI.
    seriously get over his style of dressing,video etc.

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