Mehrangez – Awaragi

// May 21st, 2010 // Artists, New Releases

Mehrangez Awaragi

Watch Awaragi by Mehrangez

3 Responses to “Mehrangez – Awaragi”

  1. Javed says:

    Salam Mehrangez jon,

    I was surprised and glad to see you show your exceptional singing talent to your Afghan community at last…
    We are looking forward to see or hear your next song because you are a talented singer with an appealling voice…

  2. Kabir Lemer says:

    I heard very carelfully “awaragi” several time, it is excelent. Your voice quality is very good and you are well talented singer. In my openion if you chose to sing good music composes or copy the good one you will reach the top level of singing and those pieces will stay forever like Sarban, mermon Perwin and some other singer. Also, try void singing from upper plate of mouth and nose like some other lady singer. their voice sound like blowing whistle. I wish you good luck and hope hear from good vocal pieces.

  3. Majid says:

    Here is Mehrangez’s new 2013 video. Enjoy!

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