Ghazal’s New Music Video – Toie Azize Dilam

// January 12th, 2009 // Artists

Watch Ghazal’s New Music Video (Toie azize dilam)
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35 Responses to “Ghazal’s New Music Video – Toie Azize Dilam”

  1. basir says:

    dear miss:]

    i love you and your song soo much ok,

  2. mehran says:

    she is very talented. i love her voice and the video looking so rich. i am proud of you ghazal.

    mehran rezaye

  3. nabil says:

    this song is just great. i cant stop watching.

    i wish you all the best and waiting for more from you.

  4. Mashid says:

    well miss Ghazal, it is good to see an afghan singing, especailly a girl,it is really nice , but everyone has the right to say their ideas, i yet saw two of your songs,one were more enjoyable to hear but not enjoyable to see cause actually in the video you weren’t singing you were showing your moves and fig……………………… , hope you not mind

    one of your listeners

  5. abdul jamil says:

    hi dear how are you i love your song very much i love

  6. afsana says:

    princess ghazal you are amazing.i love all your songs.

    you are very talented, i am very proud of you and your work. i am a big fun of you from canada.

    just want you to know that there is a ppl who love you.

  7. Ramin says:

    hey ghazal u r really beautiful and u have a very nice voice I love you and your songs

  8. mustafa says:

    Ghzal jan besyar ziba asten va besyar maqbul mikhanen. ma be shoma eftekhar mikonom. va mifamom ke bezody shoma super stare keshware ma meshen.

  9. HASINA WALI says:

    hi ghzal jan, iam really proud of you and your nice work, wish u all the best in future, iam really fun of u, hope i could see u somhow, be alwyas hard worker to be come a star. love uuuuuuuuuuuu hasina my husband wali and my son sameer jan cute

  10. Sdiqi says:

    Hi nice grat and very lovly song i wesh you well be like this for ever .

  11. zohra says:

    Ghazal jan, i am a big fun of you. i really love you so much and can’t stop watching your video’s.
    i am really proud of you.

    Zohra jamil, Ontario Canada..

  12. afsana says:

    Namekhoda ghazal jan, you are the best afg female singer ever. your voice namekhoda its just amaizing, awesome, wonderful,,,,


  13. hamayoun arzoo says:

    daerest ghazal jan iam from afghanistan when i heared your song i eager to you but i want cantact with you if possible please give me your phone no or email address

    as soon as possible
    this is my cell no 0093700202458

  14. afsana says:

    hamoyon jan, this is not ghazal jan’s web page. you should contact her

  15. ahmad zia says:

    from my point of view,you are the best.i like ur voice and ur actions .

  16. Sameer says:

    LOL, it’s hard to find out who really is the “best afghan female singer” among all the new singers, since anyone who appears on TV is called “best female singer” while none of them are worth being named as singer. Most of the new female singers seem to be appearing on TV just to show their figures and make silly moves. This lady; whenever she is on TV I can’t stop myself from changing the channel. It’s really embrassing to see an afghan woman with such shameful acts and moves. I believe a normal and good person; won’t be able to act like her, she just seems like a whore the way she shows off her body and movement of lips, eyes…etc. I hope she change herself in the future videos.

  17. Salam says:

    Ms. Ghazal.
    Your voice and beauty is not comparable. Still based on my practical experience in life, I would suggest you to show your beauty and beauty exists in face structure. Not in body. When it comes to body, then it means something else.

    You really are beautiful and you have a nice voice.
    I guess you will go very forward, but keep yourself hidden. It will keep your name up.

  18. shabnam says:

    hi ghazal to basiyar bi ejab asty………

  19. mahmod says:

    shabnam jan shoma rast migin chon betaren zenat zan efza ejab ast.

  20. hi ghazal how are you i love song ghazal u r really beautiful and u have a very nice voice I love you and your songs
    well miss Ghazal, it is good to see an afghan singing, especailly a girl,it is really nice , but everyone has the right to say their ideas, i yet saw two of your songs

  21. zafar says:

    Hi dear hope u fin. u the BEST.

  22. jalal says:

    ı love you and your songs and ı enjoy from your songs espıcıullay one song by the name of Bai Delberat misham thanks

  23. fahim noori says:

    just i’d like to say you are really beautiful and very attractive and talented as well, we should be proud of you. that i am i say this from my heart i don’t have any wrong idea just keep it and stay singing one day you will touch the sky and star. you become a super star we love you Ghazal be charming bye.
    From kabul afghanistan.
    sincerely fahim noori.

  24. ramin says:

    salam .,.,. besyar be marefat hast gazal afghan hasti kame ejab ra reayet ko aziz

  25. updatetoo says:

    Very interesting post I enjoy your website keep up the amazing posts.

  26. G.H.Ibrahemi says:

    hi Ghazal ma dar australia entezar dedanet hasteem

  27. zahra says:

    you are shymful for all sadat people .i hate you

  28. hamed says:

    hi ghazal jan my name is hamed and i love your music and i love you

  29. aria says:

    may i know who r u ?

  30. wais says:

    Hi ghazal jan

  31. humayoun says:

    i love you Ghazal all your bodily song

  32. Atiqullah Muneeb says:

    Ghzal jan shoma beyar maqbool hastaynd. maykhwaham yakbar Eshq tan ra bekonam.

  33. nadaafghan says:

    wery wwwwwwwww nice lik shugar

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