Ghazal – Sobhe Tu Bakhair

// March 28th, 2009 // Artists


Ghazal New Music Video – Sobhe Tu Bakhair

23 Responses to “Ghazal – Sobhe Tu Bakhair”

  1. Mirwais Maiwand says:

    geat song, nice arrangement, beautiful girl.
    keep us updated with your new songs,

  2. nilo says:

    WoW girl you look hot. and the video graphy looks awesome. i love the song keep it up. we are waiting for ur concert in VA…

  3. shabnam says:

    very nice song and music video. ghazal is always making nice videos we should appreciat her work.
    best of luck ghazal jan you one and one fan

  4. I really love her beautiful songs, best design.
    when i listen to her songs it gives me real good feeling

  5. barbie says:

    She have a special voice that makes me happy.

    i wish her all the happiness…

  6. farhad says:

    hi this is farhad stnaikzai from afghanistan .
    in my opinine its good singers having good songs for our country hope you all wiil do somthing for our country have a nice time thats all.

  7. shabeer says:

    Exellent ghazal jan good job.

    love it

  8. siaw says:

    she is really Muslim. keep it up. rock on. and every one in Afghanistan should be like her . nice videos . do it a little more sexier . we all waiting

  9. Ghajini says:

    THis is good muziek

  10. boy friend to N+A says:

    Salam Ghuzal jan aziz qand shiren cheto asti besyar song zeba dari waqyen dil neshen ast man to ra dost nadaram ama song to ra dost daram ba khater k dosti baz mana degar ra meta ok.
    khoda kunad ke beshter az en marof shawe wa alaqa mandan beshter paida kuni man az taraf khod ba to dowa mekunam ok.
    roz hay khosh zendage khosh
    dost shoma wa kase ke hamesha khoshe shoma ra mekhwaham

  11. Beautiful Song! Keep up the good work!

  12. Hamid says:

    Salam dear Ghazal .I am the one of your song liker I like all of your song .I wish you will be one day the singer in the world and trast for that. you will be. Thank you. HAMID

  13. helllllllllllllllllllllo beautiful and charming girl u really have nice clips and songs keep it up and looking forward to ur concert in Afghanistan soon ! take care and make even better vedios and songs by the way u do good dancing hot dancing ahahah

  14. qandigul says:

    Ghazal jan aziz, u and valy r the best afghan artists i wish u best of luck and can’t wait for ur new songs love u.

  15. Ramish says:

    hi sexi hw r u love so much
    i love u with ur songs
    keep it up man and
    wish alllllllll the best for dear
    friend i love u so sent me massege in my id plzzzzzzzzz dear ghazal
    take care
    i am waiting 4 ur masseges
    love u !@********!!!!!!

  16. Khushi says:

    i love your songs Ghazal jan you really have sweet songs beautiful songs Keep it up Ghazal jannnnnnnnn

  17. shabnam says:

    i cant stop singing the song, i love it……

  18. tamim says:

    hi this is tamim from pakistan .i love this song thanks ghazal jan for making such a nice and romantic song

  19. tamim says:

    shabnam jan me too i love to sing this song all the time

  20. Massoud says:

    Dear all friends we fine,this is a good site for all peopal to lesen music any time Best wish for all

  21. Farman says:

    Hi , you do really good , specially your new song , I don’t know the name of it but PMC some times shows , I like it so much do the same in future.

  22. baryal wafa says:

    songs in pashto language

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