Ghazal ft. Ali Etemadi – Gulem Gulem

// March 12th, 2009 // Artists


Watch Ghazal’s Gulem Gulem ft. Ali Etemadi

9 Responses to “Ghazal ft. Ali Etemadi – Gulem Gulem”

  1. dawar says:

    Ghazal jan you are the best as always qndol.
    YOU are the super star of Aghannistan.
    i am proud of you.

    Ali jan your voice is good bro. wish you the best.



  2. nabil says:

    wow, very nice song and video.

  3. noor says:

    salam u have a nice voice all the best.

  4. nilo says:

    hum, nice song and video ghazal looks hot as always. in this song i like ali etemadi to he looks hot. very uniq video i love the video ghrapy.

    ghazal keep going girl

  5. hedayatullah says:

    ghazal is the best she has abeutyful face i like she too match she is a good dancer i love she and her style and her body her lip in sure all things of ghazal

  6. shabeer says:

    woooooo i love her lipsssss its so yammyyyy.
    to be honest she is just the best female afghan artist.

  7. Lastcreate says:

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  8. Atiqullah says:

    hi your “gulem gulem” song is very nice I like it,
    and also “shobhe bakhair” song for morning is very Interesting

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