Bashir Asim – Mahtab

// December 4th, 2010 // Artists, New Releases

Bashir Asim – Mahtab

7 Responses to “Bashir Asim – Mahtab”

  1. Margarita says:

    I really love this song Asim is great person I like his all songs Special this song it is really really nice

    Best of Luck

  2. Roqia Karimi says:

    I love bashir asim’s voice, his all songs. Mahtaab is the best song! I really enjoy it. Keep it up

  3. ahmad shah says:


  4. safeullah says:

    من بشیر عاصم را واقعآ دوست دارم اوتنها کسی است که من آهنگ هایش را بیشتر میشنوم

  5. I love recent songs of Mr. Bashir Asim, especially his pashto songs with Sitara Yunus. He is the best and will remain.

  6. fahim pansheeri says:

    every day if i dont hear the song (gerana gela keri da) i dont fell that my day is set up well.
    “”””” thanks”””””

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