Ahmad Parwiz – Darya e Roya

// December 24th, 2009 // Artists, New Releases

Watch Ahmad Parwiz’s New Music Video Darya e Roya

13 Responses to “Ahmad Parwiz – Darya e Roya”

  1. Kawa Aahangar says:

    Nice song I love it

  2. Dilruba jan says:

    One woord: FANTASTIC!!!!

  3. Malang jan says:

    Beshak baba Parwiz, sad sal zenda kho bashi qate hami ghazalet.

  4. Tarana Abawi says:

    the best afghan song ever not qertak and jertak but meaningful song with beautiful music

  5. bache luxe kabul says:

    besiaar khandane lux ast- khoshem amada ziaaaad

  6. djamal kheel says:

    great song i love this one..

  7. TrnsB says:

    The greatest Afghan song everrr! very prof. I love this song.

  8. shabnam says:

    i dont like the song or the vidoe or the singer, i sorry

  9. Shabnam Dewana ast says:

    The best song + best video + best singer = FANTASTIC RESULT

  10. Naqshe Po says:

    You need years and years hard work to make and sing something like this. Its perfect brother jane, we love you and proud of you. Please gave us more songs like this one.

  11. hussain says:

    afghan songs

  12. Adabyat says:

    The super best top everrr

  13. Sofi khanaqahi says:

    I wish we had more songs/singers like this. We are proud having you Parwis jan. You have really great voice. Allah bless you!

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